Hi there Foofster Fans, it’s me again, that whimsical whippy to spice up your life!

Isn’t it a swell time of year? Autumn’s my favourite season by far and what a fine Autumn it’s been. The sun’s still shining as the leaves turn golden and the squirrels are taking a lot of chances – going nuts for nuts. Have still only caught ‘one’ in my lifetime though -the cheeky blighters are such a tease.

Boss has been busy with deliveries again and topping up the card shelves of the local farm shops. We’re out to bag what card-rack space we can before the Christmas tsunami takes over. Gotta keep our Foofster customers happy you see – as Foofster cards are a necessity all year round don’t you know!

My Best Beloved’s been so snowed under with school-work that she hasn’t had a chance to delight us all with another ‘Scene from Suffolk’ yet. So we wait in patient anticipation.

I’ll be sure to tell you all about when it comes …. and as for Boss. Well, she’s been busy too – exhibiting paintings of hounds and galgos … currently on show at Suffolk Living, 12 Orwell Road, Felixstowe. Go take a peep and see if you can spot the Foofster! See more at www.dogsbydominica.com.
That’s all for now folks … sorry to be so short and sweet but there’s no time for blogging when there are squirrels to catch.

So Adios Amigos ….

The Foofster xxx


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