November 2017

Hi All,

Happy November!

How are things? All well in Foofster land, though I’ve had to be a very patient Armchair Hound these last two weeks. Small sigh. No end of boxes have been arriving at the house. My beloved spends her days pulling out cards and putting them into bags. I sense that something important is on the horizon but can’t see the point of it all. I wish her focus was still on me. Oh well, it hasn’t been all dull. I’ve been to stay at Ruby’s house and had some friends round to tea.

Here is Grace the Poodle, Jemima the Greyhound and Constance the Pharaoh Hound. Pssst. I think she’s a mongrel really, but she pretends she’s pedigree. Grace is quite a hoot but she’s a terrible snob. Jemima is the most down to earth. She used to race and was known as the ‘Bildeston Bullet’. They’re all a bit long in the tooth now but have some good stories to tell. It’s good to mix with the oldies sometimes. They broaden your horizons.

Trigger’s my man of the month. I love Spaniels!

Oh well, catch you next time. I hope you’re wrapping up warm. I’ve been donning my tweed coat with fleece lining lately. It’s rather snazzy. Will perhaps post a picture of it next month. Not long till Christmas!

Foofster xx

Track of the month: Rita Ora: Just take me anywhere! (anywhere but the office armchair)


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