Well hello May and hello sunshine!

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Foofster household, well, not so busy for the Foofster actually as I’ve been doing little more than topping up my tan on the sun-bench. Now, when I say ‘topping up my tan’, in truth, I mean topping up my bleached-blond look, for my tan-coloured coat goes a shade of yellow in the summer as well as turning super sheeny. ‘The Suffolk Silk Hound’, they’re calling me now and, I can see why cos I do feel super shiny and sleek. I’ve lost nearly all the hair on my belly and gained an added gloss to my coat as well as losing a pound or two in weight since given up snacking in between meals.

Boss has been extra busy at her desk and keeps banging on about this ‘Progressive Greetings‘ thing. She says she’s ordered the catalogues now – whatever that means – and there’s only 4 more weeks to go till ‘crunch time'(?) Well, that sounds worth waiting for. Hmmmmm. Yes, ‘crunch-time’ sounds good. Maybe that’s when I get some super yummy crunchy treats. Will wait to see but for now, as usual, the Foofster is in the dark, watching and scrutinising all the little goings-on in the household with my antennae-like ears at full mast. Boss calls me her ‘little marsupial’ at times but I’ve really no idea what that means either.

My Best Beloved did really well at Suffolk Living, selling 8 of her ‘Pedigree Collection‘ framed prints and the Foofster snowball continues to roll and grow. Boss says that the card shelves are always empty in the outlets she stocks and that the Foofster cards are still in high demand everywhere she goes. She’s ultra pleased to have added two more shops to the Foofster outlet collection namely: well-worth-a-visit ‘Wells’ of Southwold and the super charming ‘Focus’ in Halesworth.

Will fill you in with more Foofster news as the weeks progress. Boss says there’s a lot of new exciting stuff happening in the days ahead …

So, catch you laters, my Foofster friends. The sun-bench beckons so …… once more unto the bench dear friends!

The Foofster xxx

Here’s a picture of the ‘said’ Foofster catalogue available to order (drum roll please) …… any day now!


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