Well, Hello March and welcome back, my Faithful Foofster Fan club!

Brrrr! I hope you’ve wrapped up warm?

This Beast from the East is merciless isn’t He? Sparing no thought or compassion for us Whippets whatsoever. All this white stuff makes us shiver twice as hard and freeze our little socks off. Thank Dog for fleece-lined jackets and extra snuggle blankets.

Boss and I took a long walk along the old railway line this morning. She said it was like a scene from Dr Zhivago (whatever that meant). Anyways, I didn’t actually come face to face with the Beast from the East, thank Dogness, but I felt rather uncanny all the same for my usual route felt like a foreign land to me without all the usual smells – yes, all very dull in that respect and desperately cold underfoot plus precious few friends to mingle with, so, boring old armchair was frankly a joy to return to.

So, now that I’m back in the warmth of home-sweet-home and my paws have thawed, I’m able to write my blog and explain a few things to you about all the members of the Foofster Team because I do get asked this question now from time to time.

So who or what is the Foofster Team?

Well, firstly and foremostly, there is I. Well I think you know all about ‘I‘ already and if you don’t, then you jolly well should! I am the fabulous Foofster of course, whimsical Whippet and Artist’s Muse Extraordinaire. So that’s me and my important role sorted.

Then, there’s my Best Beloved. Well, hopefully you all know about her by now and if you don’t then why don’t you? She’s our very own talented teen and creator of the Foofster Design who I’ve talked about lots and lots of times already and whose masterful work is of course plastered all over this wonderful website. And …..

Finally, there’s Boss, who I haven’t mentioned before.

So, who is Boss I hear you cry! Well, Boss is my Best Beloved’s mother, who’s a little longer in the tooth and gives all the orders round here and does most of the work. She runs our business and looks after me all the time. Which means she feeds and walks me and generally looks out for me so, I love her quite a lot but not in the way I love my Best Beloved. (shhh! don’t tell, it may break Boss’s heart) I don’t see my Best Beloved as much as I’d like for she is studying at some other place for something called her A’ levels but when she’s around, my world is a better place. She’s been working hard on some lovely new designs lately which means (drum roll please) our Pedigree Collection is almost complete. Have you checked out all our newbie designs in the gallery yet? I sincerely hope so. I urge you to check out Foofster Gallery at once, if not!

So, by way of a change from posting a picture of myself on here, here’s a picture of my very Best Beloved packing cards … isn’t she sweet? and only recently turned super 17 you know.

Hee Hee! I bet you didn’t spot the Foofster in the background? I should have popped a picture of Boss in there also so that the entire Foofster Team would be on show but thought I’d just steal some extra limelight for myself. I’m looking out for the Beast from the East, that’s why I look a little worried I think.

So, that’s the Foofster Team all explained for you and I have to say that both Boss and my Best Beloved have been the most wonderful mothers to me which is why I have paw-picked this design from the gallery as my card of the month.



Well, I think it’s time to say adios to all this white stuff now and say ‘Happy March’ instead. Only three months now and counting till PG Live where we’ll share our cards with the big wide world – gawp!

Catch you next time, my Foofster folks!

The Foofster


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