Hey Guys and how doodle do?

It’s the Foofster here reporting back to you on Progressive Greetings Live 2018, that thing my Boss and my Best Beloved have been banging on about for weeks.

As they’re currently on stretchers, they’ve asked me to give you the low-down on their behalf.

They said that it all went ‘as well as well can be’ for they picked up (Foofster drum roll please …..) a ‘Progressive Greetings Greats Award‘, handed out lots of catalogues and have several orders in the pipeline. They said their stand held together nicely and didn’t end up on the ground (oops – imagine that) and that all the fellow standees were awesomely friendly with some great tips on offer and as for the PG lunches – well, they’d heard these were the stuff of legend – and true to rumour, indeed they were. (Thanks Guys, for rubbing that in). They said that all in all, because it was such a fabulous two days, they hardly had time to miss me. Sob Sob. Seriously? That’s harsh – and pretty unfair methinks that I, their Muse Extraordinaire should be abandoned at home and given no share of the limelight. Tsk! No justice. Humph. Oh well. At least I got to stay at Lily’s house instead. She’s not a great hoot mind but at least she’s a Whippet and speaks my language.

Boss says she’ll make it up to me and that I should be very glad indeed to think my celebrity status is now sure to increase.

Will wait and see…

In the meantime, I’ve been asked to share these pictures with you of Boss showing off her winning ticket and of my Best Beloved with the PG Live card dollies. Aren’t they swell?

All the best my Foofster fans, I’m off to see what those two ‘so-called’ guardians of mine are up to. Still snoring I suppose – huh but nothing that a wet nose can’t fix …

Till next time

The Foofster xxx


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