Hi Guys!

It’s me again, your faithful Foofster. How’ve you been? Survived blue Monday?
I don’t know ’bout you but I find this time of year a real drag- yes, even the fire-breathing Foofster suffers from January blues and has slightly lost the spring in her step, but anyways, on a brighter note – what did you get for Christmas? All you wished for I hope ….?
I got my very own Foofster stocking complete with Merry Christmas chew chews, a Christmas pudding bouncy ball and a squeaky Santa – he’s fab, and driving Oreo crazy! Also, I got to spend Christmas Day at Mungo and Murphy’s house. That was really swell. We had a roaring fire, juicy turkey titbits, and not one but a selection of sofas to chill out on – all complete with a walk in the park and zillions of squirrels to terrorise! Christmasses don’t get better.
Since then it’s been a bit dull but I had a really cool play-day at Greyhound Jack’s place and Star was there too. The trouble is, I think Jack’s got a slight crush on me – which is not good as he’s about twice my size.
For some reason, my Best Beloved keeps dressing me up in a ridiculous pair of pants every day – they do nothing for my street cred. They look awful you know. My leg warmers are so much more becoming. Anyways, I don’t know whether it’s the pants or just my sparkling personality but something is making me incredibly irresistible because all the dogs in town want to get to know me better and Jack was an all-day sex pest. Who knows? Maybe they finally recognise me for the celebrity I really am … now that my Best Beloved’s cards are in wider circulation but if this carries on, methinks I’ll have to wear shades.
My Best Beloved has added another winner to her card collection which will soon be in print. It’s inspired by my ‘I’m a Celebrity – get me out of here’ crisis situation. See below – it’s me in my Hound Dog motor making a quick getaway ….
I have incidentally just passed my driving test, don’t you know!
Oh well, catch you next time, if I can dodge the paparazzi that is.
All the best till February. and remember ….
‘It’s all in the eyes’

The Foofster xxx


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