Hi again Folks,

It’s the Foofster here! How are you all? Loving the sun, or hating it?

I’ve been struggling in this heat and spend most of my time flat out on the armchair in the cool of Boss’ studio. In June I took great pleasure in topping up my bleach-blond look on the sun-bench (you may recall) but the sun bench became lethal after a while, turning my shaved belly bright pink. And why should my belly be shaved? I hear you cry … well it was a mystery to me. Boss whisked me off to that nasty place where all the depressed and sickly-looking dogs hang out and abandoned me to the mercy of complete strangers. They popped me on a table and stuck a needle into me and who knows what happened next. My memory fails me, but I woke up with a very sore belly feeling as woozy as woozy can be. When Boss came to pick me up she said ‘I wouldn’t be able to have puppies now and that was a good thing because there were too many dogs in this world already – all in need of good homes‘ so for that reason I decided to forgive her. Also, to be fair, I have to admit that I’ve never had a strong maternal streak in me and would like to continue to lead a life full of frightfully fun-filled Foofster adventure and Boss has promised me lots of that in the future.

So what other news …..

Boss continues to keep busy, packing cards, lifting boxes, whizzing here and there and I just fit in and follow suit. My best beloved has been away too long and I’ve no idea what she’s up to though I heard somebody say she was ‘looking after some children in France‘.

Boss says that she hasn’t forgotten all about us though and that’s she’s done this little design for us on the side. Drum roll and trumpet voluntary please …… There is nothing quite so thrilling in life as a new Foofster Design – or so we all think here at Fort Foofster – and herewith, dum be tum be dum ….. ‘Birthday Border‘ who was an answer to a special request:



Isn’t he swell? he’s a Skate Border of course!

Yes, so as you can see, we always welcome special requests here at Foofster. Keep ’em coming!

Take care Folks and enjoy this awesome August.

The Foofster xxx


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