Hey Folks!

It’s the Foofster here and I’ve brought the Spring with me …. hip hip hooray! Aren’t you lucky. OMG that winter was a killer, wasn’t it? The Beast from the East so nearly got the better of me.

Oh yes, walks along the railway line are much more my cup of tea these days. Doesn’t the countryside look swell? All my canine companions have a new spring in their step and there are no growlers or grouchies in sight and …. drum roll please, I caught my first squirrel the other day! Joy of joys. Those pesky little mites teased me all winter long and – the Foofster finally got her own back. Mind you, I felt terribly guilty as a result so I had to let him go again. I’m not sure if he was playing dead or actually in quite a bad way but I thought, whatever the case it best to leave him be, the best of fun was in the chasing anyway.

It’s all been busy back at base. Boss looks anxious and I sense something big is on the horizon. It looks like she’s put up even more shelves in the warehouse and I’m told that my Best Beloved’s pictures are on show at Suffolk Living in Felixstowe. Boss took this picture of her looking very glamorous.

and – all this lot came in the post the other day.

They keep on banging on about something called ‘Progressive Greetings’ whatever that means. So long as it doesn’t ruin my fun or come and sit in my place on the sofa, that’s fine. That little nook on the left hand side will always be the Foofster’s and wo-betide anyone or anything who tries to take it away from me. Even though Spring has finally arrived, I still cherish that little snuggle-spot of mine more than anything else in the world.

So, be warned ye Fans of the Foofster and you, Progressive Greetings, whoever or whatever you are.

Ta da till next time,

The Foofster



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