About the Artist

Here are some key facts about the artist, my owner, AKA my ‘Best Beloved'

Name: Ophelia Yannaghas

Age: sweet 17

Home Town: Hadleigh, Suffolk.

Education: Monks Eleigh Primary School & Culford School, near Bury st Edmunds (present)

Favourite Things: Me (The Foofster), school-friends, French, Greece, fruit - any kind! (most partial to mangoes though), her ukulele, Apple Pencil & iPad Pro. (Oh yes (tsk) and I've been told to mention) Oreo, the (beastly) black and white cat!

Art & Design was always her favourite subject - but I didn’t know her way back when. I’m told she spent a lot of her childhood doodling and at the age of 11 got to have a go on her granny’s iPad.


That’s when ” she said “The Foofster Design was born ”. Shifty eyes are the hallmark of her designs which were inspired by watching too many episodes of Spongebob Squarepants and the Simpsons (and guess what dog that supercool family have? Um, no brainer. It's a whippet of course! ). Then a friend called Anita showed her what fun could be had on an Apple Mac with Adobe Illustrator. “Those ” she enthuses “were inspiring days ”.

The Carpe Diem lobster is one of my Best Beloved's first drawings. Coincidentally, it is the motto of 'Progressive Greetings'  -  the U.K.'s top greetings card trade show where my super seventeenie has booked her first trade stand.

Nowadays The Foofster Design is created on the iPad Pro using the Paper 53 app with the Apple Pencil. I think her Ipad Pro is still her best toy ever - apart from me (of course) . I always try my hardest not to mistake her stylus for one of my chew chews. It’s torture at times.

The Foofster Design first hit the market as a greetings card in 2014, the same year my Best Beloved won an Art Scholarship to Culford Senior School. That was quite a year. She was only 13 then. At the end of it she'd sold almost 2000 cards and had secured a foothold in approximately 15 shops in Suffolk.  It was the start of a really exciting journey for all of us.  We had to do a lot of knocking on doors though which meant I spent too much time in the car.  Even the Gainsborough House Museum in Sudbury took the Foofster Design on board and then (drum roll please)  the Medici Gallery in South Kensington too! It was all too good to be true.

So, what next?

My super seventeenie would like to share her cards with the big wide world so she's booked a stand at Progressive Greetings Live next June.  The stand is almost paid for (dizzy spell & brow-wipe - that’s me on bread & water for a while) and fifty Foofster Designs, aptly named ‘The Pedigree Collection’ will be on show for all the big cheeses of the industry to see. 

And what’s more, she’s going to be their youngest ever exhibitor to date!  Yip yip - thats my girl.

It’s not all about cards though ... you can buy prints of my Best Beloved’s artwork too. All the designs in the gallery are available to order as A3 or A4 prints. Head on over to the Buy our Stuff page for details.  A catalogue containing info on all products and prices will be available to order shortly.

"Her designs have just got .... shelf-shout"
Curator - Gainsborough House Museum, Sudbury

'Chilling with the Foofster at Culford School'

Foofster Designs have been on show far and wide at various exhibitions and venues too, and we've hit the press and been on radio! Click on the picture to take a peek!

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